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I write and create everything I can. This blog is my newest project, a step into the unknown in regard to writing about life experiences, travelling, culture and world education, and more!

I do adore writing though, so you may find the occasional creative writing piece or even dissertation. If you’re interested in seeing more of my other writing, check out the Contact Me page!

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About the Blog

This blog is my newest undertaking within the writing community. I’ve grown more and more fond of writing non-fiction work every time I’ve done it, so I’m excited to be stepping into this world.

This blog focuses, more than anything, on experiencing the world to the fullest. For myself, personally, it functions as a way to keep track of the beautiful places I’ve been to, and the beautiful places I want to see. For all of you, I hope it inspires you to go out and live. To feel like you can never stop learning and growing.

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